This week, I made mozzarella stuffed chicken for all of my friends and I. If you have read some of my previous blogs, I have mentioned that I just started learning to actually cook for myself. I have been looking up recipes on Instagram and Pinterest and found this one this week. One of my favorite things to do is have my friends over to my apartment to cook and watch movies. This week, we opted to watch a Christmas movie to get into the holiday spirit. Hosting get-togethers with my friend group during the week has been one of the many highlights of my college experience. This week was even better because we got to set up all the Christmas decorations together, which is always so much fun. For dinner, we all picked out different recipes that could be options for us to cook together. After much deliberation, we decided on the mozzarella stuffed chicken. Along with that, we also made several Christmas desserts and hot chocolate bombs, which we bought at Target. If you haven’t ever baked with your friends, I would highly suggest doing so. After cooking and baking, we watched our Christmas movie while drinking hot chocolate and ended the night with a sleepover. These nights are so sweet and it’s so sad they will come to an end shortly after we graduate. I’m so thankful for all the people I have been able to meet throughout college. I know these will be the same people I’ll be baking with for years to come!

Here is the recipe to the brownies we made!